FTMS-West Counselors

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Meet Your Counselors

Mrs. Maggie Power- School Counselor/Director

2016-2017 Assignments: 6th Grade and 7th Grade A-L

2017-2018 Assignments: 7th Grade and 8th Grade A-L

Before coming to West, Mrs. Power worked at Butler University College of Education and at the Indiana Department of Education. Mrs. Power earned her Master’s in School Counseling in May 2014 from Butler. She has a passion for middle school students because of the unique challenges, changes, and opportunities students face during 6-8th grade. She has served on the Indiana School Counselor Association board and mentored as a “Big Sister.” She enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter Evie, and two mini dachshunds. She  loves to spend time outdoors running, walking, hiking, camping, and canoeing and enjoys yoga.

Miss  Anna Sutter- School Counselor

2017-2018 Assignments: 6th Grade and 8th Grade M-Z

Before joining the West family, Miss Sutter was a full-time nanny for three boys. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Butler University in 2016, and she is pursuing a Master’s degree in School Counseling at Butler University (projected May 2018). She believes that each student at West brings a unique set of skills and experiences. Miss Sutter primarily utilizes a solution-focused approach to counseling and prefers a collaborative method of interaction. She understands that middle school is a critical and significant phase in a student’s life and sees it as an opportunity to make a lasting impact. During her free time, she enjoys visiting with family and friends, doing crafts, and running.